At Gibbs Tree Services, every job we undertake starts with an initial request from our customers to receive a free quote. We collect your general contact information so that the owner can come out in person and complete the free estimate as soon as possible! We provide same day, next-day estimates with a maximum wait time of 48 hours and strive for same-day callbacks.

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The tree business is very competitive, but we outshine many companies by answering the phone and promptly returning calls. The number one complaint heard from customers is many tree companies not answering the phone and returning calls or the lack of reliability and communication. Not with us!

To back that up, we're proud to boast a 48-hour estimate guarantee, and all estimates are done in person, so you'll know just what to expect. Call (248) 988-0715 to get started!

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Our services include tree trimming, tree removals, and ornamental pruning. When you schedule tree services with Gibbs Tree Services, you're going to receive great work delivered by a hard-working team. Once we’ve finished, you can expect a complimentary full cleanup of any debris scattered on your lawn. Our goal is to do quality work and make every customer satisfied!

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